Tealight Salt Lamp

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Older stock, no packaging

PLEASE NOTE - As these are clearance items they are only suitable for personal use, not suitable for gifts. Characteristics of these clearance items may be scratched labels, heat effected, older stock, no labels, old stockist price tags, discolouring, samples. I have tried to describe the item as best as possible, but please keep in mind these items are only for personal use. There are a small number of items with no issues at all, they are just on clearance, this will be noted. 

These items in NO WAY represent the quality of our regular range. As these are clearance, they are void from any 'damaged items' policy as we have made it clear of the condition. The cosmetic look of these items in no way affects the use, you're still receiving yummy fragrance items, just at a fraction of the regular price. 

As there are many items to upload, many items will not have a photo attached.